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About Us

Soul. Song. Scents. is a family owned and operated custom candle and natural skin care company, based in Maryland. We began our journey in June 2020, during some of the most stressful times of our country. With music and beautiful fragrances being a staple in our family, it is common for these soul stirring aromas to play like a symphony throughout our home. Therefore, with the the same heart, we desired to bring a little song and scent to every home; creating an atmosphere of peace and relaxation for the mind, body and soul.


Our products are all hand-made and crafted with love using our favorite home remedies and skin conditioners used while taking care of our father during the last stages of his life. During that time, we discovered that not only did the market lack a variety of natural, organic skin care products, but also lacked the ability to customize your own oils and scents.

With a passion to bring the comforts of home to our father, we found ourselves going back to our roots, using the decades old, wholesome, chemical-free recipes used on us since birth. Our father loved to be pampered and it was the quality of home recipes, mixed with his favorite familiar fragrances that brought him the most comfort and joy. 

We pay homage to him, as well as the generations before us by sharing our products with the world. The Hummingbird used in our logo, as well as our Bishop’s Collection are tributes to our late father,

Bishop S. Byrd.

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The Byrd Family